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Authors Helping Writers

I was sitting in a local cafe one day about two years ago feeling restless. I could think of nothing but writing. I wanted to write a book about my life. My story needed to be told. It was burning inside of me, threatening to burst through my very being.images (1)

For days, months, no…years, I wanted to write. As a young girl I fantasized about being older, with much of my life behind me, sitting in a large room that overlooked the ocean where as I gazed at the waves, ideas flowed easily and my pen wrote words that created stories.

The day came when I knew the time had come for my imaginings to become real. The room was ready, the desk was in place and the windows looked out over the ocean waves. Now a computer sat on the desk in place of pen and paper, waiting only for me to begin writing.

Something was holding me back! Why couldn’t I just start writing, I wondered. I knew that wanting to write was not enough. I had to sit down and do it but could I really write a book? Looking back I know that I was my own worst enemy. Teachers, family, and friends had told me for years that I should be a writer but my own mind told me different. Then something changed.

That day in the cafe, as I drank my coffee and listened to conversations around me, trying to distract myself from my restlessness, I overheard a woman telling the cafe owner about the story line for her upcoming book. I had seen her before and had heard she was a local author of ghost stories for young adults. She seemed excited and appeared to be self-confident. Her excitement rose as she described the story. I sat listening intently and knew I needed to speak with her.

“Oh, so you’re a writer?” I queried.

“Yes I am.” She said smiling brightly. “I write ghost stories for young adults. Do you write?”

” I want to write a book,” I replied sheepishly.

And right then and there my writing began in earnest. That friendly exchange of two strangers evolved quickly into a lasting friendship. Becky Meyer Pourchot, author a The Hungry Ghost Series, also became my writing mentor. We met often over the ensuing weeks and her encouragement and direction fueled my desire to become a published author. These days, we are planning book signings together and our paths intersect often on our journey as writers.

I will be forever grateful to my friend Becky. Because of her encouragement and belief in me, I am now helping others who have come to me in the same way and who have said, “I want to write. I have a story inside me that is screaming to come out.”

Thank you Becky Meyer Pourchot.


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What a Night for an Interview – Steve Boone of The Lovin’ Spoonful

Remember the Lovin’ Spoonful? My new author friend Steve Boone was in that band. He wrote a book about the experience. Read on for more about him and his book.


Did you ever have to make up your mind?

That wasn’t meant as a question…it was my way of cleverly introducing this post.

Baby-boomers and rock-and-roll fans of all ages probably sang the words while they read them…or they’re humming the tune right now (and probably will be for the next few hours).

Most of you know who sang them back in 1966, or you used to know, but the band’s name is on the tip of your tongue.

For the record…it was The Lovin’ Spoonful.

The Spoonful had a pretty impressive run between ’65 and ’68 which included seven Top 10 hits and another seven in the Top 100.

You might say they were hotter than a match head

They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000

Like many bands they also had their trials and tribulations…

Tomorrow night (Friday October…

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I’m going crazy! Who wants to join me?

This is exactly how I feel today, and yesterday and oh yes, since the day I found Libbie the Lobster in Publix! I never imagined I’d be sitting at my computer almost every waking moment of almost every day for almost three months reading, writing, and I love to learn new things but does it have to come so fast and furious! I guess that’s the kind of person I am. Bring it all on! I don’t have to eat, or go to the beach, or see people in person, or even sleep for that matter. I’ll just keep tapping these old fingers on the keyboard and hope it sells a book or two. So far I’ve got two pages on Facebook, a Twitter page, Google+ business page and WordPress blog page. The best part is I put them all on HootSuite and I can post to all of them or one or two at a time and I can even schedule them so I only have to go absolutely mad a couple of times a week! Jeez, I really am pretty good at this. Heather Chalmers just come and get me when it’s time to pick up our books.
Oh and By the way, this picture is of me and it is in our children’s book, Saving Libbie the Lobster. Join the fun!



Short Story Sunday: Checkmate

Scary story just in time for Halloween.

Vampire Maman

Today I’m treating my readers to a fun creepy bit of fiction from my friend and fellow WPaD author Dave Stone.  I’m so excited! Thank you Dave for sharing this bit of fright.


A story from Dave Stone
Nathan Kemp opened the dusty door of the dusty little pawn shop, causing a dusty bell to tinkle dustily through the drifting dust. He stepped in and closed the door behind him, looking around as he did so. Light filtered dimly through the coat of dust on the small windows, casting a yellowish petina over display cases and odd bits of junk in the shop. The sound of the bell caused a bit of movement in the back room, and soon a curtain covering the door to the back fluttered and the proprietor came out. He was tall, he was athletic, he was blond…and he was pasty. He looked like he…

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Why standardized test scores are virtually useless to teachers

I couldn’t agree more!


I spent the better part of the morning on Friday reviewing my student’s standardized test scores and here is what I learned:

  • My 2013/14 8th graders scored generally better than my 2012/13 8th graders in English Language Arts
  • My deep analysis of interim assessment data and focus on reader response writing seemed to pay off in 2013/14
  • Some students made great gains
  • Some students scores dropped from 7th grade to 8th grade
  • 69% of my students were proficient while only 44% of the 8th graders at the school were proficient
  • 79% of 8th graders in the state were proficient; while I’m narrowing the gap in my school, my students are still falling behind when compared to the state

Now, none of this really matters at this point.  These students are off in high school with some other teacher looking at their scores who knows very little about them at this…

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The 7th Coolest Small Town in America

Yep, that’s us–Flagler Beach, Florida! We were voted the 7th Coolest Small Town in America! And even more importantly we are the town that made Libbie the Rare Yellow Lobster a star. So what makes us so awesomely cool, you might ask?

We are a beach town community of 4,660 humans on 4.1 square miles,aerial_pier located about halfway between St. Augustine to our North and Daytona to our South.  We have no buildings over three stories (by city ordinance) and no chain stores are allowed. Surprising to most of us, there is a Seven Eleven and one condo building that is several stories high. Mmmmmm…I wonder how that happened.

But here are some of the reasons we are so darn cool–we have bikers, and surfers (although bikers don’t surf and surfers aren’t bikers generally). And we have writers galore and artists, screen play writers, radio personalities, and musicians. Cozy cafes, gift shops, and restaurants abound. We even have a museum and art galleries. Small motels dot the road along the ocean for the tourists who love to visit Flagler Beach. The population ebbs and flows each year as the “snowbirds” come and go. All ages live here in harmony. Some people call us Mayberry By The Sea, but we like knowing what everyone is doing and we come together in amazing ways to help each other in a time of need.

And we have events–big events. The Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic55 was started in Flagler Beach and is now an International event. Tattoos for Pink was started by the owners of Inflicting Beauty Tattoo shop that is helping women with breast cancer receive medical tattooing. The 4th of July fireworks are the best around and every First Friday is a festival in the center of town. Hundreds of motorcycles rumble through our town and stop off at popular places on their way to Daytona for Bike WeekIMG_20141018_143406_201 and Biketoberfest.

Then late at night while the moon is rising over the ocean, or the early morning when the sunrise showers the sky with shades of red and orange, the roar of the ocean waves can be heard. IMG_178502026443750The sound is a reminder of the peaceful power of the sea and all of its wonder. Below the surface is an alien world of such spender, it is hard to fathom. Whales, sea turtles, osprey and sea gulls rule here. A walk on our beach is a touch of heaven.

No wonder we are the 7th coolest town in America, but shhhhhhhh…don’t tell anyone. Then everyone will want to live here.