Libbie the Lobster

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I’m going crazy! Who wants to join me?

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This is exactly how I feel today, and yesterday and oh yes, since the day I found Libbie the Lobster in Publix! I never imagined I’d be sitting at my computer almost every waking moment of almost every day for almost three months reading, writing, and I love to learn new things but does it have to come so fast and furious! I guess that’s the kind of person I am. Bring it all on! I don’t have to eat, or go to the beach, or see people in person, or even sleep for that matter. I’ll just keep tapping these old fingers on the keyboard and hope it sells a book or two. So far I’ve got two pages on Facebook, a Twitter page, Google+ business page and WordPress blog page. The best part is I put them all on HootSuite and I can post to all of them or one or two at a time and I can even schedule them so I only have to go absolutely mad a couple of times a week! Jeez, I really am pretty good at this. Heather Chalmers just come and get me when it’s time to pick up our books.
Oh and By the way, this picture is of me and it is in our children’s book, Saving Libbie the Lobster. Join the fun!



Author: Libbie The Lobster

I am a writer and a co-author of the children's book, Saving Libbie the Lobster, with Heather Chalmers. Our story is based on the true adventure of how we rescued a rare yellow lobster from our local supermarket.

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