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I Needed a Miracle

The day I saw Libbie in the lobster tank at my local supermarket I had needed a miracle. I had been in a deep depression that was not unfamiliar to me. The weeks leading to that day I had been sinking deeper and deeper into a hopeless state of being. The cause was not unknown to me. I have suffered from severe chronic depression since childhood. Although I have learned many effective ways to live with this affliction, I find myself at times walking a fine line between, despair and elation. In fact, the title of my novel-in-progress is, The Jumping Off Place and it is the story of a young woman’s struggle with addiction and mental illness.

That serendipitous day that I saw Libbie the Lobster, I had known I could not give in to the temptation to isolate myself from the world one more day. Forlorn, I had gone to buy some simple food for the following few days.

And then it happened–a miracle!!! I saw Libbie and my heart threatened to burst with love. Suddenly I had purpose! I plunged into the task at hand–rescue the beautiful rare yellow lobster from being boiled alive and eaten. I could not have known that day that my life would change so dramatically.14903_851434018200920_2174728373357695018_n I could not have imagined that my love of writing, my love for all living things, and my love for children would culminate not only in Libbie becoming a star but that I would co-author a children’s book about Libbie.

A sense of meaning and purpose has been restored to me. Once again I am learning that it is by self-forgetting that I find peace. Libbie coming into my life was a much-needed miracle. My hope is now to bring joy to others through Libbie’s story.

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My Thoughts About Marketing for Independent Authors


I am a beginner in this marketing my book area. Tim Baker’s Blog was very helpful. And I do copy (steal) his promotion tricks. :-)

Originally posted on blindoggbooks:

My friend Becky and I seem to have this running “discussion” about marketing our books. She recently shared her thoughts on the matter in this blog post, to which I added a brief comment.

Then I decided a more lengthy response was in order…so here we are.

My Thoughts About Marketing for Independent Authors

Step 1; Write the book

Seems pretty self-explanatory and definitely obvious so we won’t go into any detail about it, other than to say if you ever want sell a book, it’s the only place to start (plagiarism notwithstanding).

Step 2; Sell the book

This is where many authors drop the ball.

In fact, when I released my first novel, Living the Dream, way back in the day, I made the very mistake(s) I’m about to tell you to avoid – so pay attention, because I’m speaking from experience.

First, let’s start with some…

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First Graders Want to Know

Heather Chalmers and I wrote the children’s book of how we saved Libbie the Lobster from a Publix Supermarket tank because we wanted to be a part of the wonderful learning process of young children. So we asked a friend, Dawn Emling, a first grade teacher at Belle Terre Elementary School to share the story of the famous Libbie the Lobster with her class. The kids became excited wanted to know more about Libbie.10601307_805369899497203_1867280225_n Dawn was happy to write down their questions and we had fun finding the answers. Here is what these bright kids wanted to know:

Kids want to know

Why is Libbie yellow? Most lobsters are dark greenish brown. Once in a great while  lobsters can be other colors such as yellow, blue, calico or albino.

Do lobsters have noses? Yes, they do have noses. Their noses are on their short antennae. They have a great sense of smell.

Do they eat using teeth? Yes, lobsters teeth are in their stomachs.

Do they have ears? No, they do not have ears, but they do sense vibration through sound waves.

Do they have skeletons? They have exoskeletons, which means their skeletons are on the outside, like spiders and crabs.

How would you describe a lobsters shell? A lobster’s shell is its exoskeleton. In order to grow lobsters shed their old shells and form new ones.

Do they eat healthy? Yes, they eat fresh food, including fish, crabs, clams, mussels, and sea urchins.

Do they eat coral? Lobsters do not eat coral as long as they have enough food.

Do they have bodies? Yes

Do they have toes? No, but they have claws.

Do they have legs? They have 10 legs. The first are the large claws.

Are their eyes black? Yes, and they can see reflections. They use their antennae to sense their surroundings.

Who are their enemies? Seals, and cod-fish are known to eat lobsters, but humans are greatest predator of full-grown lobsters.

Heather and I have had much fun writing our children’s book, Saving Libbie the Lobster,  but the greatest joy will come from watching children enjoy her story.

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Compassion in Action

I would like to clear the air and talk about veganism.  My view of veganism is much like the many people I know who are vegan. It seems to me that many people have mistaken views of what the term means.

But first, what does being vegan have to do with Libbie the Lobster you might ask. The answer is that if I were not vegan, I would probably have seen the bright yellow lobster that weighed twice as much as the other lobsters in the tank at the supermarket and thought, Wow! Maybe she tastes better too. I may have bought her and taken her home like any human omnivore would have; thrown her into boiling water while she was still alive, not caring at all if she could feel the pain; and then gladly have eater her with lots of butter. But my compassion for all living things would not allow that.

The most commonly asked questions I receive about being vegan are, “But how do you get enough protein?”644234_457271411004654_1132898764_n and “Don’t you crave a big beef steak or ice cream?”

In response, yes I do get the full range of proteins from plant sources and no, I do not ever crave steak or ice cream. By the way, vegan ice cream is the best I’ve ever had!

I would like to tell you what veganism is and what it is not. Vegan is NOT a fad. Vegan is NOT a diet to lose weight. Vegan is NOT the same as vegetarian. Vegan is NOT gluten-free. Vegan does NOT mean organic. Vegans do NOT just eat salads. Vegan is NOT a political statement or a religious movement.

Vegan IS a philosophy of life. Vegan IS a healthy food choice. Vegan IS a lifestyle.

As a vegan I believe that all life is sacred. As a human, I am not above or below any living thing. I co-exist with everything in nature. I believe in non-violence. I eat a healthy diet consisting of plant-based foods, avoiding GMOs, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers wherever possible. My lifestyle choice of being vegan includes not purchasing or wearing animal products and being responsible to reduce my carbon footprint thus doing my part to preserve our planet.

Becoming vegan was one of the best choices I ever made. Saving Libbie was compassion in action. Not participating in the global systematic torture of animals for food and for clothing is compassion action.10527607_10152579371125688_2236996638321998164_n I am grateful to know that I am not alone in this.

Well I feel better. I think I have cleared the air a little about veganism. If you would like to know more about veganism, you can start here:

To see more about Libbie the Lobster and join in the fun of her soon to be released children’s book, Saving Libbie the Lobster, click here:

And to Preorder a Limited Edition First Print copy of Saving Libbie the Lobster, click here:


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99 CENTS-Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden

Originally posted on jorjao2013:

If you missed out on the FREE kindle edition…good news AMAZON will have it for $.99 until the end of the year! This is book one in the Chasing Butterflies Series. Book two will be coming out this OCTOBER. Hope you have a great day and enjoy the read! You can get to AMAZON right from this site just click the link.>>>>>>>>>follow>>>>>>the arrows>>>>

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