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How Rare Is Rare for a Lobster?


When I began researching the beautiful yellow lobster we later named Libbie, I found articles that reported she was 1 in 30 million, others that said 1 in 20 million. I learned that other lobsters are quite rare too. For example, albinophoto lobster2 lobsters are the most rare, next are the yellow, followed by calico, blue and even a rare two-toned lobster.

So I began to wonder, What causes this anomaly? And, If so many are found, then why are they rare at all?

As with all life it seems, the color of a lobster is determined by both genetics and environment. Slight genetic mutations occur throughout nature. Libbie was likely a result of this sort of mutation. But environment can also play a role. Because yellow lobsters seem to be found in certain common areas along the coast, it has been hypothesized that certain algae could be the culprit.

I believe that genetics and environment co-exist in all manner of life’s evolution.coloredLobster

As to my second thought above, I had difficulty understanding the idea that Libbie is so very rare because she is 1 in 30 million! How many lobsters are there anyway and what does the number 30 million lobsters look like?

Then I thought of an analogy. A friend, who is an airline pilot told me once, that flying is really a very safe mode of transportation. She told me that when a plane crashes, it makes front page news because it is such a rare event. For as many planes as are flying at any one time, when a plane crashes is an anomaly, she told me.

All I know for certain is that when I laid eyes on the beautiful golden-yellow lobster in the Publix Supermarket tank, I fell in love. She was special, unique, an enigma, and I wanted to save her. Thank you Libbie the Rare Yellow Lobster14903_851434018200920_2174728373357695018_n for coming into my life.


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Author: Libbie The Lobster

I am a writer and a co-author of the children's book, Saving Libbie the Lobster, with Heather Chalmers. Our story is based on the true adventure of how we rescued a rare yellow lobster from our local supermarket.

4 thoughts on “How Rare Is Rare for a Lobster?

  1. Reblogged this on blindoggbooks and commented:
    Two friends of mine rescued a very rare yellow lobster from the seafood section at a local grocery store and found her a new home in a New Hampshire aquarium. Now they are writing a children’s book about her. Follow the adventures of Libbie the Lobster…

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    This is from the town in live in. Maybe it is not saving the whales or mountain gorillas. Maybe Libbie is only a lobster but Libbie didn’t have to be the in cause to worth saving. Now Libbie thrill and amaze children for years to come.

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