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Coincidence? Fate? Chance? Part II

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This is where Part I of Libbie the Rare Yellow Lobster’s amazing story left off:

As if things weren’t happening fast at that point, they began to move at jet speed. I found The Seacoast Science Center in Rye, New Hampshire, whose Aquarist, Rob Royer just happened to receive my email andmain_slideshow_noflash responded that he would love to have her. I gave Mark Murrell, Nadine King and Rob Royer each other’s contact information. Mark sent me instructions on how to pack Libbie for shipping, where to take her, and provided the tracking label for her overnight flight to New Hampshire.

What happens next? Part II of course! It unfolds thus:

Mark Murrell, Nadine King , and Rob Royer just happened to be able to reach each other right away. I doubt everyone was waiting by their phones for the calls. They just happened to each be in the right place at the right time.

Heather Chalmers and I carefully placed Libbie on top of crumpled newspapers, dampened with seawater, over frozen gel packs in a sturdy Styrofoam container as instructed, and said our sad goodbyes to our beautiful golden treasure. We worried about her making the trip to New Hampshire safely after all she had been through. We wondered whether she would be cold enough and whether she’d be tossed around in the container and maybe her shell would break (which is not a good thing for a lobster).

I drove Libbie to Daytona, about a half hour from my home in Flagler Beach.  My senses were heightened as I watched for every possible event which could deter me from my mission. As it happened, the traffic lights stayed green, traffic was at a minimum and it was smooth sailing directly to the UPS facility.

Closing the lid on Libbie’s container, I said a prayer that she would arrive unharmed to her new home in the Seacoast Science Center. Following what felt like an eternally long, sleepless night for20140731_103647 both Heather and myself, I received a message from Nadine that Libbie had arrived safe and sound with a picture of she and Rob at the science center. With a deep sigh, I phoned Heather to give her the good news.

That part of our journey had come to a close but another was to begin before that day was out. I wanted the children who would visit Libbie to be able to read her story. I suggested to Heather that we could write a children’s book. She smiled her beautiful smile and said , “Yes, I thought about that too!” So our labor of love continues and Libbie will remain a star!

So could all that happened from the time I first saw Libbie on a late Sunday afternoon until early Thursday morning have been just coincidence? Was it fate that brought Libbie into my life and Heather’s too? Was it just one lucky event after another? Or was it something else? You decide and let us know your thoughts.

Keep watching for more. Coming soon…the writing of Libbie the Lobster’s storybook.


Author: Libbie The Lobster

I am a writer and a co-author of the children's book, Saving Libbie the Lobster, with Heather Chalmers. Our story is based on the true adventure of how we rescued a rare yellow lobster from our local supermarket.

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